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Why hire a Small Business Consultant?

Do you find yourself continuously struggling with these problems?

  • Losing good employees and don't have time to properly train new ones?
  • Profits or production numbers have flat-lined?
  • You are losing your passion for running your company?
  • You have no time and work/life balance does not exist?
  • Tired of putting out fires?
  • You say: Who has time for planning?

Even successful businesses can benefit from hiring a consultant!

A consultant can:

1. Continue to develop the skills of key people in your business at a faster pace
2. Supplement your staff without hiring a full time employee
3. Provide expertise and experience
4. Identify problems and barriers
5. Act as a catalyst to organizational change
6. Provide much needed objectivity and a third party perspective
7. Help you create a long term vision and plan
8. Help you take your vision to action

What is Business & Management Consulting?

We partner with your business and provide the services you need to improve, grow and successfully manage your organization. CompetitivEdge provides an affordable solution by creating a powerful alliance with you, the business owner, to take your ideas and goals into implementation. We specialize in small businesses and their unique situations.

Remember: a vision without action, accountability and commitment remains only a dream. CompetitivEdge Business Solutions creates a professional, forward thinking, confidential and motivational relationship that will create great results in your business and staff. You will be impressed with what you can accomplish. Our passion and main objective is to help you get what you want out of your small business.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us. But you won't know unless you do it! We provide free no obligation consultations. Please call to schedule one for yourself.

PHASE 3 (The Goal):
High Performance & Productivity

  • Growth from new business opportunities
  • Optimum levels of productivity
  • Excellent performance results
  • Refined processes, structure & systems aligned to strategy
  • High level of participation & empowerment of people
  • Respect for people embedded in the culture
  • Good communication & information sharing

PHASE 2 (Progress): Stability

  • Consistent performance results
  • Basic processes, structure & systems in place
  • Adequate resources in place
  • Clarity of goals & direction
  • Consistency of priorities
  • Well-defined policies & procedures

PHASE 1 (Starting Status): Chaos

  • Inconsistent results
  • Processes, structures & systems not in place
  • Inadequate resources
  • Lack of clear directions & goals
  • Shifting priorities
  • Unclear policies & procedures
  • Lack of teamwork