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What do we do?

CompetitivEdge Business Solutions creates a professional, forward thinking, confidential and motivational relationship that will create great results in your business and staff. We specialize in affordable mid-level training and professional development. You will be impressed with wha you and your team can accomplish. Our passion and main objective is to help you get what you want out of your business.

How do we do this?

CompetitivEdge combines over 36 years of professional business expertise with the strength of training programs developed by the Center for Organizational Design of Littleton, Colorado and distributed by 360 Solutions, LLC of Waco, Texas. These training programs have been proven on a national level with customers such as Coach Leather, NASA and the Space Shuttle Program, US Forest System, AT&T Capital, Honeywell and Merck Pharmaceuticals.

The true formula for success is to dedicate the training of your key people to "spaced repetition learning". This is simply learning delivered over an extended period of time combined with blended learning (or interaction) to create maximum retention.

Our fundamental purpose:

Our company was founded to help business people recognize opportunities to grow and develop themselves and their people, creating extraordinary results. CompetitivEdge offers five basic product lines to our clients.

1. Compass Program: A Professional Development Program

Designed for managers, supervisors and other key members of your organization and staff. Their success is your success. This program has a proven track record of increasing performance and retention. For more information, see the Compass Program Page.

2. Training

CompetitivEdge provided on-site training tailored to your organization's specific needs. We specialize in mid-level training. These topics focus on soft skills that will create growth, a higher performance and leadership from the heart of your organization. We are an affordable option for your training needs.

CompetitivEdge will:

1. Develop the skills of key people in your business at a faster pace
2. Supplement your staff without hiring a full time employee
3. Help you take your vision to action

3. Event Speaking

We welcome the opportunity to be a dynamic part of your next public or private event. CompetitivEdge has a stellar list of topics including motivation/positive impact, multi-generational workforce and many other business related topics that can be used for a large group or modified for small group breakout sessions. Please go to our Training Page for a list of topics.

4. High Performance Consulting

We partner with your business and provide the services you need to improve, grow and successfully manage your organization. CompetitivEdge can guide you through assessment and implementation of ideas that will take your business to a higher level. High Performance optimizes productivity and performance by structuring your organization for growth.

5. Small Business Coaching

Eight Simple Secrets for Small Business Owners, one-on-one mentoring to work through the particular issues and concerns of your business. Successful businesses are run by people who know and use the eight simple secrets to success.